• Colon cancer: primary location predicts outcomes of cytoreductive surgery

    Study adds to evidence supporting a role in patient selection.

  • Pancreatic cancer: no survival benefit for early vs later adjuvant chemotherapy

    Meta-analysis shows survival benefit for early ACT in colorectal and gastric cancer.

  • Colorectal cancer screening using urinalysis
    Colorectal cancer screening using urinalysis

    Screening for urinary volatile organic compounds could address the poor uptake of bowel cancer screening.

  • Colonoscopy: surgeons rival GI docs at finding polyps

    Prior studies suggested otherwise.

  • Colorectal polyps: underwater resection tops conventional approach

    Novel randomized controlled trial of endoscopic mucosal resection techniques.

  • ASCO: new oxaliplatin guidelines for stage III colon cancer

    Shorter course of adjuvant chemotherapy an option for low-risk patients.

  • Serrated polyposis syndrome: longer surveillance intervals appear safe for some

    Those with only WHO criterion III were at lower risk in this prospective study.

  • Northern Ireland's health department makes two major health protection declarations
    Northern Ireland's health department makes two major health protection declarations

    Announcements pertaining to HPV vaccination and bowel screening.

  • High-dose vitamin D3 for CRC: befuddling findings

    SUNSHINE trial shows potential benefit for high-dose vitamin D during chemotherapy.

  • IBD: guideline-based cancer surveillance works

    Little dysplasia is found before recommended starting point.

  • New lymph node staging proposed for colon neuroendocrine tumors

    Classifications for metastasis predict survival better than binary approaches.

  • Preoperative CEA marks poor colorectal cancer prognosis

    CEA can help stratify patients for intensive follow-up and/or adjuvant chemotherapy.

  • Incurable CRC: primary tumor resection modestly extends survival

    Study shows no significant increase in morbidity.

  • CRC liver metastasis: NACT shows no effect on postoperative morbidity

    Population-based propensity-matched analysis supports safety.

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