• Breast cancer survivors face excess risk for AML, MDS in French study

    Novel risks for ALL/LL and MM also identified.

  • AML/MDS: LEN/AZA regimen offers promise in post-transplant relapse

    Impressive responses, low-level toxicity.

  • R/R AML: binimetinib minimally effective in phase 2 trial

    9 out of 10 patients did not respond.

  • AML: FDA warns of enasidenib-associated differentiation syndrome

    Symptoms of life-threatening adverse effect going unrecognized.

  • ASH 2018 — Iron chelation therapy boosts EFS in lower-risk MDS

    Data from the TELESTO randomized phase 2 trial.

  • FDA approves gilteritinib for FLT3+ AML

    First monotherapy approved for this indication.

  • FDA approves frontline venetoclax for AML

    A new option for patients ineligible for intensive induction.

  • Glasdegib wins FDA approval for first-line AML

    BRIGHT AML shows 54% reduction in risk of death with glasdegib + LDAC.

  • AML: gemtuzumab ozogamicin-based induction vs other regimens

    Review of results in >15,000 patients.

  • NICE approves gemtuzumab ozogamicin for untreated acute myeloid leukaemia

    Treatment is recommended only for patients with favourable, intermediate, or unknown cytogenetics

  • AML: why do patients relapse after allo-SCT?

    Findings reveal a potential new therapeutic target.

  • R/R AML: FLAM delivers high CR rate with challenging toxicity

    Regimen may be best studied in younger patients going forward.

  • R/R AML: DAC improves treatment experience and outcomes vs FLAG

    Superior CR seen in patients with key mutations, poor-risk cytogenetics.

  • AML: CD123-expressing LSC phenotype linked to outcomes

    CD123+ phenotype may be more treatment resistant.

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