• Melanoma: age, insurance among factors for surgical delay

    Analysis of data for over 200,000 patients in the National Cancer Database.

  • ASCO 2019 — Adjuvant ipilimumab yields sustained benefit in stage 3 melanoma

    Benefit maintained across survival endpoints at 7 years

  • ASCO 2019 — Melanoma: inflammatory markers associated with lower treatment response and survival

    High CRP and IL-6 expression may prognosticate poorly in stage III-IV melanoma.

  • Swiss study: patients with melanoma at increased risk of additional primary cancers

    Further evidence for link between melanoma and development of other primary tumors.

  • CML: survivors have increased risk of secondary malignancy

    Risk pronounced for select neoplasms.

  • Melanoma patients lack confidence in skin self-exams

    Most are receptive to using digital assist technologies, given sufficient technical support.

  • NHS Scotland approves new therapies for schizophrenia and melanoma
    NHS Scotland approves new therapies for schizophrenia and melanoma

    Advice has been published by the Scottish Medicines Consortium.

  • Meta-analysis: safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer

    Large meta-analysis of 125 studies, 20k patients.

  • Melanoma: risk factors differ for lymphatic and hematogenous metastasis

    Can inform follow-up and adjuvant treatment strategies.

  • Melanoma: 4 factors that predict recurrence

    A study of 700 patients with high-risk primary melanoma.

  • Sinonasal mucosal melanoma: immunotherapy boosts survival in metastatic disease

    Largest study to date involves 1874 patients.

  • ESTRO 2019 – In melanoma patients treated with SRT+TT/IT, cumulative brain metastases volume is more prognostic than metastases number

    The TOaSTT Study Group proposes a new prognostic index for survival of melanoma patients with brain metastases treated with SRT and targeted or immunotherapy

  • Melanoma: predicting recurrence after negative SLN biopsy

    Sentinel Lymph Node Working Group identifies relevant factors.

  • Melanoma: posterior scalp location offers poorest prognosis

    Sites with sun exposure predicted improved survival.

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