• Accuracy of skin cancer diagnostic apps
    Accuracy of skin cancer diagnostic apps

    A systematic review of diagnostic accuracy studies.

  • Does vitamin D level influence melanoma risk?

    Meta-analysis of 25 studies including 11,166 participants.

  • EMA suspends Picato's licence amid safety concerns
    EMA suspends Picato's licence amid safety concerns

    Evidence is emerging of a possible link between ingenol mebutate and an increased risk of skin cancer.

  • RA: abatacept linked to melanoma in WHO postmarketing study

    No other specific type of cancer, nor cancer overall was implicated among 300,000 patients.

  • Melanoma: which factors predict survival after checkpoint inhibition and surgery?

    Identification of prognostic factors can help guide patient management.

  • BCC: does histologic subtype affect response to oral vismodegib?

    The effect of subtype on response to vismodegib, previously demonstrated in the ERIVANCE trial, was unclear.

  • New guidelines released for sebaceous carcinoma

    Standardized treatment guidelines did not previously exist for sebaceous carcinoma, a rare but potentially aggressive form of skin cancer.

  • Vulvar/vaginal melanoma: which factors predict DFS?

    Vulvar and vaginal melanoma are associated with poor prognosis, but have not been well studied.

  • Basal cell carcinoma: electrochemotherapy, surgery show similar recurrence outcomes

    ECT appears to represent a viable alternative for patients with BCC.

  • Sinonasal melanoma: age, tumor location, and treatment modality predict outcomes

    Needed identification of prognostic factors for rare cancer.

  • Cutaneous SCC: photodynamic therapy with aminolevulinic acid effective

    There are limited data on the effectiveness of ALA-PDT.

  • Advanced malignant melanoma: survival more likely if treated at a high-volume facility

    Prior studies have shown conflicting results.

  • Pediatric melanoma: mitotic rate predicts recurrence-free survival

    Prognostic factor may help guide patient management.

  • Advanced melanoma: meta-analysis identifies the most effective treatments

    There is a lack of head-to-head evidence for melanoma treatments, necessitating this meta-analysis.

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