• Bevacizumab biosimilar gets FDA nod for 5 cancer types

    Bevacizumab-bvzr could offer a cheaper alternative to the reference product.

  • Low-grade pediatric glioma: cognitive burden of radiation persists decades later

    Effects translate to poorer education, jobs, and income.

  • Pediatric brain tumors: radiation tied to drop in free thyroxine levels

    Study shows effect on weight gain, intelligence scores.

  • AAN 2019—Immune checkpoint inhibitors linked to neurologic adverse events

    Clinicians need to recognize the variety of NIrAEs with use of ICIs and how to treat for best outcomes.

  • ESTRO 2019 – Proton therapy offers the best hope of preserving children's cognitive functions

    Pencil beam scanning, a highly precise form of proton therapy, seems to be very efficient at reducing radiation dose to the temporal lobe

  • ESTRO 2019 – Radiotherapy causes dose-dependent atrophy of the amygdala

    This treatment-induced damage could contribute to the emotional dysregulation in patients with brain tumours who undergo radiotherapy

  • Melanoma: HDAC8 regulates resistance to BRAF inhibitors

    HDAC8-specific inhibitors may limit BRAF-MEK inhibition.

  • Breast cancer CNS metastases: new lapatinib strategy allows high doses

    High-dose lapatinib is tolerable when alternating with capecitabine.

  • ECCMID 2019 - Cancer chemotherapy drives antimicrobial resistance by disrupting the gut microbiome

    By activating the bacterial SOS response, chemotherapy treatments promote antibiotic resistance and bacterial translocation.

  • ELCC 2019 - Strong intracranial efficacy emerges from combined data of entrectinib in ROS1 fusion-positive NSCLC

    More than half of patients with ROS1 fusion-positive NSCLC and brain metastases respond to entrectinib

  • AACR 2019—Autologous cell vaccine improves survival in glioblastoma

    Best outcomes with highest exposure, good presurgical T-cell function.

  • EU cancer deaths projected to continue declining in 2019

    Reductions in mortality driven by lung cancer in men, breast cancer in women.

  • Breakthrough in childhood medulloblastoma
    Breakthrough in childhood medulloblastoma

    The newly identified genetic signature can classify non-WNT/SHH medulloblastoma patients into favourable- and high-risk groups.

  • ESMO 2018 – Synthetic peptides hit three targets simultaneously in recurrent glioblastoma

    Updated phase II data for the novel immunotherapeutic (SL-701) show “preliminarily promising survival curve” with good tolerability

  • CINV: Cochrane review supports add-on olanzapine

    Moderate-quality evidence supports doubled prophylactic benefit.

  • Melanoma: nivolumab + ipilimumab shows benefit for brain mets

    57% intracranial clinical benefit in phase 2 trial.

  • Paediatric head CTs linked with 4-fold increased brain tumour risk
    Paediatric head CTs linked with 4-fold increased brain tumour risk

    Overall, the incidence of cancer was 1.5 times higher in children who had received at least one CT scan five years previously.

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