• Resected PDAC: study identifies optimal cutoff for early vs late recurrence

    Later recurrence is associated with better prognosis.

  • CRC: BMI shows little utility for assessing cardiovascular risk

    Existing guidelines recommend BMI for assessing body composition.

  • Colorectal cancer rates rising among young adults in Europe
    Colorectal cancer rates rising among young adults in Europe

    Should screening guidelines be revised?

  • Gastric cancer: HIPEC + cytoreductive surgery improves survival

    Combination tops surgery alone in patients with peritoneal metastases.

  • ESMO guideline now includes FLOT for gastric cancer

    A change in the standard of care.

  • CRC staging: similar accuracy, less cost with whole-body MRI

    Large prospective Streamline C trial shows improved efficiency.

  • Gastric cancer: perioperative FLOT tops ECF/ECX for survival in phase 3

    Data from the FLOT4 trial.

  • Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer
    Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer

    Data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort.

  • HCV: DAA-induced clearance less likely with liver cancer

    Results of a 49-study meta-analysis.

  • Nonmetastatic CRC: circulating tumor DNA predicts recurrence

    Data point to potential benefit for ongoing testing after tumor resection.

  • Pre-diabetes, diabetes and gastric cancer risk

    Results from a prospective study involving more than 100000 participants.

  • Gastric cancer: expanded dissection criteria perform well in Western cohort

    Expanded criteria for endoscopic submucosal dissection were first proposed in Japan.

  • CRC: circulating tumor DNA shows value in patient monitoring

    Detection and monitoring of residual disease can improve postoperative risk stratification.

  • Colorectal cancer: higher post-operative vitamin D level tied to better survival

    No association seen between pre-operative 25-OHD levels and survival.

  • Liver cancer: adjuvant TACE extends survival in low-risk patients

    Prior data focused on intermediate- to advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinoma.

  • CRC liver metastases: value of estimating conditional recurrence-free survival

    Risks change over time, and conditional RFS could provide a more accurate prognosis.

  • Multisociety task force issues new CRC screening guidelines

    Highlights include individualized initiation times and noninvasive options.

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