• Gastric cancer: HIPEC + cytoreductive surgery improves survival

    Combination tops surgery alone in patients with peritoneal metastases.

  • ESMO guideline now includes FLOT for gastric cancer

    A change in the standard of care.

  • Gastric cancer: perioperative FLOT tops ECF/ECX for survival in phase 3

    Data from the FLOT4 trial.

  • Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer
    Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer

    Data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort.

  • Pre-diabetes, diabetes and gastric cancer risk

    Results from a prospective study involving more than 100000 participants.

  • Gastric cancer: expanded dissection criteria perform well in Western cohort

    Expanded criteria for endoscopic submucosal dissection were first proposed in Japan.

  • Gastric/GEJ cancer: trastuzumab-deruxtecan achieves 43% response rate

    Response rate was not affected by prior irinotecan exposure.

  • HIV-infected veterans are at higher risk for some subtypes of oesophageal, but not gastric cancer

    In male veterans, HIV infection is associated with a higher risk for oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma, especially when CD4 count is low, but not with oesophageal adenocarcinoma or gastric cancer after adjusting for confounders.

  • Pancreatic cancer: no survival benefit for early vs later adjuvant chemotherapy

    Meta-analysis shows survival benefit for early ACT in colorectal and gastric cancer.

  • Lavage improves surgery for locally advanced gastric cancer

    Reduced complications, wound pain, and mortality in D2 gastrectomy.

  • Metastatic gastric cancer: frontline doublets offer similar OS

    Randomized phase 2 study compares 4 different regimens.

  • MAPS II: updated guidelines for preneoplastic gastric lesions

    Gastric cancer is often fatal when diagnosed, making early detection and management crucial.

  • GI cancer: time to do more in tackling unintentional weight loss?

    Interventions needed to increase awareness.

  • Gastric cancer: high BMI tied to inferior RFS after gastrectomy

    BMI also linked to operative time, postoperative complications.

  • NACT safe, feasible in type 4, large type 3 gastric cancer

    Postoperative grade ≥3 morbidity halved in phase 3 trial.

  • G/GEJ cancer: nivolumab + SOX/CapeOX does well in ATTRACTION-4

    ORR was 57.1% and 76.5% with nivolumab plus SOX and CapeOX, respectively.

  • FDA approves trifluridine-tipiracil for metastatic gastric cancer

    Combination drug was previously approved for colorectal cancer.

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