• In HCC with portal vein tumor thrombus, this neoadjuvant therapy improves survival

    A previous, retrospective analysis had suggested that neoadjuvant 3D conformal radiotherapy may be effective in HCC with PVTT. This randomized trial provides direct evidence.

  • mBCa: who benefits from resection of liver metastases?

    An interval of more than 2 years between breast cancer surgery and development of liver metastasis bodes well, among other factors.

  • Adjuvant chemoembolization offers benefit in HCC with microvascular invasion

    There is no currently recommended postop treatment for HCC with MVI.

  • Experts weigh in on proton beam therapy for liver cancer

    A consensus report from the Miami Liver Proton Therapy Conference.

  • HCC: radiofrequency ablation effective for single 3-4-cm tumors

    Prior studies have returned mixed results.

  • ASCO 2019 — Expert Commentary: Laparoscopic surgery best for CRC liver metastases

    An on-site interview with Åsmund Avdem Fretland, MD.

  • Statin use and liver cancer risk: what’s the association?

    Evidence from the Scottish Primary Care Clinical Informatics Unit (PCCIU) database and the UK Biobank.

  • FDA approves ramucirumab for AFP-high hepatocellular carcinoma

    The first biomarker-driven therapy approved for HCC.

  • HCV: DAA-induced clearance less likely with liver cancer

    Results of a 49-study meta-analysis.

  • CRC liver metastases: value of estimating conditional recurrence-free survival

    Risks change over time, and conditional RFS could provide a more accurate prognosis.

  • Liver cancer: adjuvant TACE extends survival in low-risk patients

    Prior data focused on intermediate- to advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinoma.

  • Treating HCV after liver cancer: timing matters

    HCC recurrence risk drops with DAA delay.

  • T2D doubles risk for severe LD

    Risk is even higher with male sex, high BMI, hypertension, and kidney disease markers.

  • HCC: analysis points to laparoscopic resection for small, single tumors

    Combines the effectiveness of open resection and the safety profile of RFA.

  • Small HCC: minimally invasive surgery or radiofrequency ablation?

    The study is the first meta-analysis comparing MIS and RFA in small HCC.

  • Childhood hepatoblastoma: minimal adjuvant chemotherapy yields good outcomes

    Reducing exposure in select patients could help prevent acute and long-term toxicities.

  • HCV cirrhosis: DAAs boost survival after successful HCC treatment

    Real-world data suggest effect driven by preserved hepatic function.

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