• ESMO guideline now includes FLOT for gastric cancer

    A change in the standard of care.

  • Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer
    Hormonal factors influencing risk of gastrointestinal cancer

    Data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort.

  • ESTRO 2019 – Dose intensity affects the pathological response in patients with oesophageal cancer treated with neoadjuvant CRT

    Results from a large multi-institutional analysis highlight the major role of radiation dose in the choice of the optimal treatment for oesophageal cancer

  • HIV-infected veterans are at higher risk for some subtypes of oesophageal, but not gastric cancer

    In male veterans, HIV infection is associated with a higher risk for oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma, especially when CD4 count is low, but not with oesophageal adenocarcinoma or gastric cancer after adjusting for confounders.

  • Cervical esophageal cancer: chemoradiation as an alternative to surgery

    CCRT may be a "reasonable" option, with salvage surgery for residual disease.

  • AACR 2019—Virotherapy + radiotherapy shows activity in esophageal cancer

    Posttreatment biopsies were malignancy-free in all patients.

  • Esophageal cancer: no advantage in swapping cisplatin for paclitaxel

    No survival advantage with fluorouracil in dCRT for locally advanced disease.

  • Retracted claim: reflux treatment reduces esophageal cancer

    Retraction issued in wake of new statistical analysis.

  • New-onset Afib tied to complications and mortality risk after oesophagectomy

    Post-operative Afib is frequently observed in patients undergoing oesophagectomy.

  • cT2N0 esophageal cancer: EMR found safe, potentially beneficial

    EMR successfully cleared all known disease in 17 of 30 patients.

  • Drinking very hot tea tied to esophageal cancer risk

    Prospective data bolster observational study findings.

  • GI cancer: time to do more in tackling unintentional weight loss?

    Interventions needed to increase awareness.

  • Esophageal cancer: MIE yields better survival in meta-analysis

    Minimally invasive esophagectomy compares favorably with open surgery.

  • Postoperative chemotherapy has no benefit in upper GI cancers

    The role of continuing perioperative chemotherapy post-surgery in oesophageal or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma

  • ASCO-GI 2019—Pembrolizumab shows OS advantage in PD-L1 esophageal cancer

    KEYNOTE-181 data support 2L pembrolizumab over chemotherapy in advanced disease.

  • Esophageal cancer: hybrid surgical technique found safer

    Fewer complications but similarly effective to open esophagectomy.

  • Oesophago-gastric cancer: NICE publishes new standards

    The new quality standards state that the results of F‑18 FDG PET‑CT scans should be reported within one week of the decision to scan

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