• Prostate cancer: similar survival with surgery, EBRT + brachytherapy

    Data for more than 10,400 patients with unfavorable intermediate-risk disease.

  • NICE decision on enzalutamide for non-metastatic prostate cancer

    The decision is based on preliminary data from the PROSPER trial

  • Localised prostate cancer: biomarkers of outcome with radiotherapy

    Research led by the Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit in London

  • Prostate cancer: NICE issues an updated quality standard
    Prostate cancer: NICE issues an updated quality standard

    Quality statements for prostate cancer are expected to improve outcomes.

  • BPH medications tied to delayed prostate cancer diagnosis

    5-ARIs reduce serum PSA concentrations by 50%.

  • NICE issues updated guidance on prostate cancer

    The guideline covers the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in secondary care, and follow-up in primary care

  • Prostate cancer: variations in QoL across UK

    Prostate cancer survivors in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland had poor quality of life than men in England

  • Prostate cancer: AR burden predicts poor response to antiandrogen therapy

    AR perturbations were associated with worse PFS.

  • Multiparametric MRI improves prostate cancer detection

    Imaging-based diagnostic approach reduces unnecessary biopsies, overtreatment.

  • Radical prostatectomy: inguinal hernia most common with open procedure

    Inguinal hernia can be avoided with certain intraoperative techniques.

  • Prostate cancer: poor diabetic control portends post-RP progression

    A study of more than 1400 diabetic men undergoing radical prostatectomy.

  • ESTRO 2019 – Brachytherapy for localised prostate cancer: is a single dose enough?

    According a UK study men with prostate cancer could be cured with a single brachytherapy session, although this regime may not be the optimal choice for all patients

  • Alcohol intake tied to slightly lower risk for lethal prostate cancer

    Health Professionals Follow-up Study also shows lower progression risk with red wine.

  • Cochrane: prostate MRI tops systematic biopsy for cancer detection

    Meta-analysis of 48 studies involving 13,770 participants.

  • Transperineal bests transrectal prostate biopsy for cancer detection

    Because of some exceptions, clinical characteristics should guide approach.

  • High-grade prostate cancer: whole-pelvis RT adds benefit to external RT+brachytherapy

    Study shows longer duration of prostate-specific antigen control.

  • Final analysis: abiraterone ups survival in high-risk metastatic prostate cancer

    Data from the LATITUDE phase 3 trial in castration-sensitive disease.

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