• Surgery vs radiotherapy for high-grade prostate cancer with low PSA

    Data favor RP, but radiotherapy plus brachytherapy is a good option for elders.

  • Prostate cancer: adjuvant radiotherapy cuts risk for biochemical recurrence

    Study shows benefit in patients with positive margins or extracapsular extension.

  • FDA approves darolutamide for nonmetastatic CRPC

    Phase 3 ARAMIS showed significant improvement in metastasis-free survival.

  • CKD ups complication risk after radical prostatectomy

    Robotic-assisted surgery may attenuate risk in patients with CKD.

  • Metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: add-on enzalutamide delays progression

    Phase 3 ARCHES trial reports 61% reduction in risk for progression or death.

  • Oligorecurrent prostate cancer: nodal radiotherapy shows reduced recurrences but higher toxicity

    Large multicenter retrospective analysis compares ENRT and SBRT.

  • Prostate cancer: recommendations on Gleason score and ISUP staging
    Prostate cancer: recommendations on Gleason score and ISUP staging

    The proposed recommendations are based on a review of existing guidance and published literature.

  • ESMO updates prostate cancer guidelines

    Concurrent radiotherapy with ADT advised for low-burden metastatic disease.

  • Multiparametric MRI avoids prostate biopsy in over 50% of patients

    Patients with negative scans show a low risk for cancer at follow-up.

  • EMA launches safety review of cyproterone-containing medicines
    EMA launches safety review of cyproterone-containing medicines

    A recent study suggests the risk of meningioma remains increased at least one year after cessation of treatment.

  • Hypofractionated proton therapy safe, effective for prostate cancer

    Phase 2 study reported QoL preservation.

  • Conservative management on the rise for low-risk prostate cancer

    Uptake more rapid in younger patients, but overall use remains lower.

  • Pembrolizumab shows benefit in heavily pretreated mCRPC

    LRP1b mutations are a potential marker for response.

  • Prostate cancer: a comparison of treatment modalities in high-risk elders

    10-year follow-up data for survival, side-effects, and cost.

  • ADT tied to dementia risk in elderly men with prostate cancer

    Findings warrant careful evaluation of risk-benefit ratio.

  • Prostate cancer: which glucocorticoid regimen is best with abiraterone in mCRPC?

    Randomized study reported mineralocorticoid adverse effects of 4 regimens.

  • Prostate cancer: ultra-hypofractionation noninferior to conventional radiotherapy

    Phase 3 HYPO-RT-PC trial reported similar 5-year adverse effect profile.

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