• HPV+ head/neck cancer: NCCN monitoring schedule shows limited utility

    95% of recurrences were elicited by patient symptoms.

  • Head/neck cancer: small-cell subtype carries poorer prognosis

    SEER analysis sheds light on this rare malignancy.

  • Thyroid cancer: comorbidities significantly impact mortality risk

    Comorbidities are a larger factor than the malignancy itself.

  • Radiomics signature predicts induction response in nasopharynx cancer

    A potentially useful tool for patient stratification.

  • Oropharynx cancer: carboplatin vs cisplatin-based chemoradiation in early disease

    Triweekly carboplatin shows similar efficacy, less toxicity in HPV-associated disease.

  • Parotid cancer: study evaluates prognostic factors, outcomes

    Disease stage appears to be the most important prognostic factor.

  • Head/neck cancer: study identifies optimal time-to-treatment window

    Findings suggest a moderate delay may be beneficial.

  • Head/neck cancer: predicting survival with re-RT for recurrence or second primary

    A multicenter study from the AIRO-Head and Neck working group.

  • Nasopharynx cancer: surgery best for local recurrence after radiotherapy

    Study examines treatment outcomes after failure of primary IMRT.

  • Does metformin use improve outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer?

    Study examines whether metformin use improved oncologic outcomes across the different sub-sites in HNSCC.

  • Voice abnormalities common after surgery for thyroid cancer

    Few studies have analyzed voice outcomes using a validated scale.

  • SITC issues consensus statement for HNSCC immunotherapy

    Expert committee provides recommendations on treatment and assessment.

  • Nasopharynx cancer: PET/CT parameters predict outcomes with IMRT

    Prognostic factors can help customize patient treatment strategies.

  • Oral cancer: extratumoral PNI portends poorer locoregional control, survival

    Study addresses recent subdivision of PNI into 2 distinct forms.

  • Head/neck cancer: PET/CT detects distant metastases before salvage surgery

    Imaging can help avoid unnecessary surgery.

  • Radioactive iodine overused in low-risk thyroid cancer

    Study identifies groups at risk for off-guideline use.

  • Radioiodine for thyroid cancer: 1 in 2 patients feel they have no choice

    RAI is commonly used despite unclear benefits.

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