• Nasopharyngeal cancer: primary tumor ADC predicts local relapse

    Findings support the prognostic role observed in smaller studies.

  • Head/neck cancer: adjuvant radiation tied to increased risk for thyroid disorders

    Neck dissection may exacerbate the effect.

  • Salvage head/neck surgery: medical complications more deadly than surgical

    Better understanding of prognostic factors can help optimize care and outcomes.

  • Oral cancer: 3 factors for time to recurrence, 4 for survival

    Individualized surveillance strategies can allow early diagnosis of relapse.

  • Head/neck cancer: CYFRA 21-1 biomarker shows utility in diagnosis, prognosis

    CYFRA 21-1 has previously shown utility in patients with lung cancer.

  • cN0 oral cavity cancer: low risk for skip metastasis to neck level IV

    Meta-analysis supports supraomohyoid neck dissection as adequate.

  • Adenoid cystic carcinoma: vascular invasion predicts poorer survival in meta-analysis

    Meta-analysis reveals increased risk for lymph node metastasis, death.

  • Head/neck cancer: predictors of functional outcome after (chemo) radiotherapy

    Organ-sparing approaches have a 22% failure rate.

  • Laryngeal cancer: laser transoral microsurgery delivers excellent results

    5-year OS was 92.5%.

  • Head/neck cancer: including functional performance benefits in preop evaluation

    Poor preoperative functional performance is associated with negative outcomes.

  • Oral, oropharynx SCC: posttreatment HPV DNA tied to recurrence, death

    Mouth rinse to detect HPV DNA shows prognostic value.

  • Oropharynx cancer: new system improves risk stratification in HPV+ disease

    Pathologic adverse features are tied to different survival outcomes in HPV-positive disease.

  • Sinonasal mucosal melanoma: immunotherapy boosts survival in metastatic disease

    Largest study to date involves 1874 patients.

  • ESTRO 2019 – Sarcopenia can significantly affect outcomes in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy

    In a retrospective analysis, sarcopenia emerged as a common and relevant issue in this population and was associated with overall and disease-free survival and radiotherapy-induced toxicity

  • ASCO cautions against deintensifying treatment for p16+ oropharynx cancer

    Current treatment recommendations have not changed.

  • ESTRO 2019 – Barriers to PROs and PROMs use in routine cancer care from the radiation therapists’ point of view

    According to an Australian study, there are many barriers to the routine use of these tools in head and neck cancer care at patient, service, and health professional levels.

  • Oral cavity cancer: elective neck dissection improves prognosis in meta-analysis

    Neck dissection offers advantage over watchful waiting in early disease.

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