• Hodgkin lymphoma: interim PET-CT highly prognostic in elders

    Even higher predictive value in ABVD-treated patients.

  • Multiple myeloma: mCBAD regimen viable for bridging in select patients

    Duration of response was limited.

  • CLL: acalabrutinib offers high response rate in ibrutinib-intolerant patients

    All patients achieved stable disease or better.

  • FDA approves venetoclax-obinutuzumab for frontline CLL, SLL

    Approval realizes a chemo-free, fixed-duration treatment option.

  • AML: can cytokines be leveraged to treat cancer-related fatigue?

    Cytokines played a limited role in key endpoint changes.

  • Multiple myeloma: pomalidomide-based triplet reduces progression

    Findings support use following lenalidomide failure.

  • Childhood ALL: late treatment effects evolving in survivors

    Could counseling and interventions require reassessment?

  • Hodgkin's lymphoma: cost utility of breast cancer surveillance in survivors

    Current ACS guidelines recommend one of the least cost-effective strategies.

  • Multiple myeloma: PET-CT helps overcome limitations of MRD assessment

    Significantly longer PFS in patients negative for both assessments.

  • T-cell lymphomas: first-line CHOEP tops CHOP for survival

    Results of a large population-based analysis.

  • Lower-risk MDS: lenalidomide dose reductions show benefit in phase 3 trial

    Dose reductions may enable extended drug exposure.

  • AAN 2019—Immune checkpoint inhibitors linked to neurologic adverse events

    Clinicians need to recognize the variety of NIrAEs with use of ICIs and how to treat for best outcomes.

  • B-cell NHL: low NK cell count predicts poorer anti-CD20 benefit

    Findings support study with NK-enhancing agents.

  • Intermediate/high-risk MDS: positive phase 2 data for guadecitabine

    More than 4 in 10 patients with R/R disease responded.

  • FDA approves ivosidenib for frontline IDH1-mutant AML

    More than 4 in 10 patients achieved CR+CRh.

  • Mantle cell lymphoma: radioimmunotherapy + CHOP delivers high, durable response

    Approximately one-half of patients achieved complete response.

  • R/R cHL: adding decitabine to PD-1 inhibition ups complete remission rates

    28% of anti-PD-1 resistant patients achieved complete remission.

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