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CQC suspends routine inspections in response to winter pressures

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NHS to save £136m by ‘curbing’ prescription costs

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Adopt new clinical assessment system, urges NHS

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GMC: medical profession at breaking point

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NHS to track winter illness patterns

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GMC to cut registration fees for doctors

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New in Radiology

  • Clinical Essentials from J Clin Oncol
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Early HCC: radiofrequency ablation tops SBRT for survival

National Cancer Database analysis of stage I-II nonsurgically managed HCC.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from JAMA Cardiol.
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High-risk plaque detection by coronary CTA in stable chest pain: useful or not?

Findings suggest utility, but the editorial demurs.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from Mayo Clin. Proc.
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Warfarin for Afib: dementia risk drops with increasing TTR

A population-based cohort study of 2800 patients with Afib.

  • Clinical Essentials from Int J Cancer
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Breast cancer: diabetes tied to higher odds of advanced disease

Risk of breast cancer death was higher among diabetic vs nondiabetic women.

  • Clinical Essentials from Gynecol Oncol
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Cervical cancer: residual lymph node after CRT tied to poor OS

Primary tumor response did not influence survival.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from J Intensive Care.
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Decompressive craniectomy for stroke: decision tree helps predict tracheostomy need

A retrospective cohort study of 168 patients.

  • Clinical Essentials from JAMA Oncol
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SCLC: Medicaid/Medicare a barrier to receiving radiation

20% of patients with limited-stage SCLC receive no therapy at all.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis
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Acute ischemic stroke: low-dose tPA is effective, safer

A meta-analysis of 12 studies among more than 7600 patients.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from Spine
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Osteoporotic spinal fracture linked to higher pneumonia risk

A population-based study finds a 2-fold increased risk after thoracic fracture.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol
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Diagnosis of PE during pregnancy: traditional scoring systems not useful

Imaging is recommended in all pregnant and postpartum women suspected of having a PE.

  • Clinical Essentials from JAMA
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Breast cancer: treatment advances top screening effect for improving survival

Results vary somewhat by molecular type of breast cancer.

  • Global Clinical Summaries from Ann Intern Med
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Cryptogenic stroke: PFO closure lowers recurrence risk

A meta-analysis of 4 trials among more than 2500 patients.

New ingestible sensor could be a powerful GI diagnostic tool
  • Global Medical News
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New ingestible sensor could be a powerful GI diagnostic tool

The capsule has successfully passed human trials, and the developers are now seeking to commercialise the technology.

  • Clinical Essentials from Laryngoscope
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Early Merkel cell carcinoma: adjuvant RT boosts survival

Adjuvant radiation therapy was previously shown to improve locoregional control.