Welcome to the Univadis Quiz

Here’s How It Works

  • Challenge yourself and stay sharp by solving daily quiz questions and earning points
  • Answer faster than 60 seconds and tackle tougher questions to rack up bonus points
  • Track your progress on the monthly leaderboard and see where you rank

Quizzes are grouped in monthly “Challenge” periods

  • Challenges begin on the first day of the month and end the last day of the month
  • Each Challenge has its own quizzes, scores and rankings
  • Points are no longer available after the Challenge period ends, but feel free to take them anytime for fun!

How are scores calculated?

Quiz questions have 4 levels of difficulty. Correct answers earn:

  1. Easy = 1-2 points
  2. Average = 3-4 points
  3. Difficult = 5-9 points
  4. Impossible = 10 points

Bonus points are awarded for answering quickly – the faster you answer correctly, the more points you earn.

Example: Dr. Smith answers a question correctly in 40 seconds. She scores:
5 points (question difficulty) x 20 seconds (time remaining) = 100 points

About the Leaderboard*

  • Check the Leaderboard to see your scores & ranking
  • See how you stack up against your peers
  • Find current and past Challenge periods
  • Your scores and rankings are re-set for each Challenge
*All registered Univadis members are eligible to play and will be identified in the leaderboard using their first name and last initial. Initials will be used to create a simple icon in front of your name. If you do not want your name listed in the leaderboard, please contact our support team (information below).

I still have questions. What do I do?

We’re here to help. Call our support team at 0800 032 5522 Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM (excluding bank holidays), or email [email protected]