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Busy health care professionals need access to trustworthy, practice-relevant information that's quick to access and simple to share. Univadis pre-selects the latest clinical resources that relate to your specialty, and organised to fit the way you work. Univadis is a medical information portal designed specifically for health care professionals. Univadis provides breaking medical news, a wide variety of scientific learning resources, and helpful diagnostic tools and patient education, all with no subscription or registration fees.

Clinical Essentials

A 2004 study showed that staying current with the medical literature is quite literally impossible. According to that study (in the Journal of the Medical Library Association, October 2004) keeping up in just internal medicine would take 29 hours a day! Univadis curates the most essential medical advances revealed in conferences and peer-reviewed journals, distils them to their essence, and presents them in an easy-to-comprehend bulleted format. Each clinical summary takes less than a minute to read, and it includes links to the original study, making it easy to delve deeper.

Professional Essentials

But it’s not enough to stay up with developments in medical science. The regulatory environment changes constantly, with new regulations, new medications, and new devices released – or recalled – on a daily basis. Our Professional Essentials section delivers the most important news in health policy.

Free access to in-depth clinical resources

Exclusive video interviews with authors of the latest JAMA studies. Full-text articles from The Lancet. Calculators and annotated CT images. Access to MSD Manual Professional Edition. A continually updated Drug Guide. Univadis brings together peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical resources in a one-stop, easy-to-use experience that goes everywhere you need it to.


The result of a merger between Calliscope and Geckomedia, Callimedia is a market leader in digital, training, anatomy, and communications solutions for the health care sector. Callimedia specialized products and services are available for all health care sector professionals, including pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers, medical diagnostics companies, scientific societies around the world, training bodies, non-governmental organizations, and patient societies.