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Use of immuno-oncology


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Use of immuno-oncology

The texts for this project were developed in cooperation with the members of our Advisory Board.
• Prof. Dr. med. Salah Eddin Al-Batran, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
• Prof. Dr. med. Diana Lüftner, Berlin (Germany)
• Amel M’sadek, (Oncology Nurse and Member of the French Association of Oncology Nurses (AFIC)), Rennes Cedex (France)
• Marion Mecklenborg, (Oncology Nurse), Bremen (Germany)
• Dr. ssa. Alessandra Milani, (Oncology Nurse), Milan (Italy)
• Maria Paz Fernández Ortega, (Oncology Nurse), Barcelona (Spain)
• Julia Williams, (Oncology Nurse), Berks (England)

This module explains which types of cancer are treated with immuno-oncological treatments, and also discusses the side effects associated with new immuno-oncological agents.

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Responsible for the content: © 2015 KWHC GmbH, Alewinstr. 13, 29525 Uelzen (Germany). The image sources can be found at:

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