ASCO: Cancer during pregnancy: A multicentric study

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In a paper published in connection with ASCO, held in May-June in Chicago, researchers from a number of Italian institutions described the study in which they sought to investigate both incidence and outcome for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy and one year after childbearing.

In a multicenter study from 2000 to 2013 they identified 119 such women for whom information was obtained regarding the histology of each woman’s cancer, time of diagnosis, obstetric and neonatal outcome, and disease status. The most common cancers during pregnancy are breast (36.4%), gynecological (33.1%), and thyroid cancers (9.3%).

Patients miscarried most frequently (1.8%) when cancer was diagnosed during the first trimester; 31.6% of neoplasms were diagnosed in the first trimester, 49.7% in t...