Cycling not linked to urologic disease or sexual dysfunction | AUA

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  • Cycling has no appreciable effect on urologic disease or sexual dysfunction in either men or women. 

Why this matters

  • There have long been questions about risks associated with prolonged perineal pressure in men and women who regularly bike. 

Study design

  • Two studies from the University of California at San Francisco evaluated the affect of cycling on the sexual health and urinary functions of nearly 4000 male and 2691 female athletes. 

Key results

  • Male cyclists have no worse erectile function than non-cyclists.
  • Cycling does not affect male lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • Male cyclists had a higher average Sexual Health Inventory for Men score (20.1 vs. 18.9, P<.01) than non-cyclists.
  • Male cyclists had higher odds of perineal numbness.
  • Cardiovascular benefits of exercise...