Half this urban population is walking around with emergency hypertension levels

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  • 50% of urbanites captured in a mobile hypertension awareness program in Canada had severe uncontrolled hypertension requiring medical attention.

Why this matters  

  • Hypertension has always been known as the silent killer, and these values are much higher than previously identified in Canada.

Key results 

  • 2% of the participants had BP high enough to be considered an emergency; most did not know that they had high BP whereas others were not adherent to their medications because of denial, lack of awareness of the consequences, or poor management.
  • Overall, 50% had hypertension; the rest were normotensive or prehypertenisve.

Study design

  • July 2014 to May 2016: 1097 participants at a mobile hypertension awareness clinic, Canada.
  • Funding: Funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Agri-food Research and Development Initiative, SaskFlax, Western Grains Research.


  • Selected population of people was interested enough to stop at a mobile clinic and participate.