Inclisiran dramatically lowered PCSK9 and LDL in ORION-1 trial | ACC

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  • Inclisiran dramatically lowered PCSK9 and LDL among patients at high cardiovascular risk who had elevated LDL. 

Why this matters

  • Additional therapies are required for patients on statins who are at high risk for cardiovascular events. 

Key results

  • Among patients (n=501) who underwent randomization, those who received inclisiran had dose-dependent reductions in PCSK9 and LDL.
  • At day 180, the least-squares mean reductions in LDL levels were 27.9 to 41.9% after a single dose of inclisiran and 35.5 to 52.6% after two doses (P <0.001 for all comparisons vs placebo).
  • The two-dose 300-mg inclisiran regimen produced the greatest reduction in LDL levels: 48% of the patients who received the regimen had an LDL level below 50 mg per deciliter at day 180.
  • At day 240, PCSK9 and LDL levels remained signi...