International coalition of public health leaders issue Salzburg Statement on Vaccination Acceptance

  • Ratzan SC & al.
  • J Health Commun
  • 2 Jul 2019

  • curated by Priscilla Lynch
  • Univadis
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An international coalition of public health leaders has issued a statement asserting its “unwavering commitment” to universal childhood vaccination and improving vaccine acceptance around the world.

The Salzburg Global Fellows, made up of concerned scientists, public health professionals, physicians, and child health advocates, along with the International Working Group on Vaccination and Public Health Solutions, pledged to support “the development, testing, implementation, and evaluation of new, effective, and fact-based communication programmes to help parents, community, and government leaders make appropriate decisions on childhood immunisation, while assuring a continuous and affordable supply of needed vaccines”.

“Our goal is to explain vaccinations to parents or caregivers, answer their questions, address their concerns, and maintain public confidence in the personal, family and community protection that childhood vaccines provide. Every effort will also be made to communicate the dangers associated with these childhood illnesses to parents and communities since this information seems to have been lost in the present-day narrative,” the statement says.

While vaccine misinformation has led to serious declines in community vaccination rates that require immediate attention, in other communities, particularly in low-income countries, issues such as lack of access and unstable supply of vaccines need to be addressed, the statement says.

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