NSCLC: medial segment right-lobe lung tumors yield worse OS

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  • Patients with NSCLC in the medial segment of the right lobe fare worse than patients with tumors in any other location.

Why this matters

  • Patients with medial segment tumors were also more likely to have mediastinal metastasis.

Study design

  • 711 patients with stage I NSCLC underwent lobectomy or bilobectomy with systemic lymph node dissection with a median follow-up of 52.3 months.
  • Funding: None disclosed.

Key results

  • Among patients with right lobe tumors, 39 had tumors in the medial segment and 43 in the lateral segment.
  • Similar 5-year OS and recurrence-free survival (RFS) between patients with right middle lobe tumors and patients with tumors in other lobes (79.7% vs 82.2%; P=.23 and 67.0% vs 71.4%; P=.19, respectively).
  • Patients with medial segment tumors had significantly worse 5-year OS and RFS than those with tumors in the lateral segment (69.8% vs 87.6%; P=.040 and 58.4% vs 73.0%; P=.029, respectively).
  • Prognosis was significantly worse for patients with medial segment tumors compared with other lobe tumors (5-year OS: 69.8% vs 82.2%; P=.020 and 5-year RFS: 58.4% vs 71.4%; P=.0071).
  • Mediastinal lymph node metastasis more common in patients with medial segment tumors compared with lateral segment tumors (12.8% vs 2.3%; P=.097).


  • Retrospective study.