Safety and efficacy of blood pressure-lowering agents in adults with diabetes and kidney disease

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The comparative efficacy and safety of pharmacological agents to lower blood pressure in adults with diabetes and kidney disease remains controversial. We aimed to investigate the benefits and harms of blood pressure lowering drugs in this population of patients.


We did a network meta-analysis of randomised trials from around the world comparing blood pressure lowering agents in adults with diabetic kidney disease. Electronic databases (the Cochrane Collaboration, Medline, and Embase) were searched systematically up to January, 2014, for trials in adults with diabetes and kidney disease comparing orally administered blood pressure-lowering drugs. Primary outcomes were all-cause mortality and end stage kidney disease. We also assessed secondary safety and cardiovascular outcomes. We did random-effects network meta-analysis to obtain estimates for primary and secondary outcomes and we presented these estimates as odds ratios or standardised mean differences with 95% CIs. We ranked the comparative effects of all drugs against placebo with surface under the cumulative ranking (SUCRA) probabilities.


157 studies comprising 43 256 participants, mostly with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidne...