VIDEO: Role of cholesterol efflux capacity in mortality prediction

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Dear Colleague,

My name is Philippe Moulin, I am from Lyon, I am professor of nutrition and I am head of a Department of Endocrinology, in charge of a lipid clinic.

I have been asked to draw your attention on a selection of papers from the June issue of the atherosclerosis journal: The second paper I wish to highlight this month is “Cholesterol efflux capacity is an independent predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in patients with coronary artery disease: A prospective cohort study”. The first author is Chaoqun Liu. The work was conducted at the Sun Yat-sen University of Guandong, China.

Background: With the controversy regarding the causality of HDL in CV protection, large scales epidemiological studies considering HDL function are particularly important.

Although diminished cholesterol efflux capacity is positively related with prevalent coronary artery disease in transversal studies, its prognostic value for incident cardiovascular events remains a matter of debate.

The authors measured cholesterol efflux capacity at baseline in 1.737 patients with coronary artery disease from the Guangdong Coronary Artery Disease Cohort. They registered 122 cardiovascular diseases deaths during 6.600 person-years of follow-up. The efflux capacity was 40% lower in the first quartile of efflux compared with the fourth quartile. In the first quartile...