WHO launches global strategy to control influenza by 2030

  • World Health Organization
  • 12 Mar 2019

  • International Clinical Digest
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  • WHO has released a 3-pronged, Global Influenza Strategy to: 1) prevent seasonal influenza, 2) control animal-to-human transmission, 3) mitigate effect of ensuing pandemic.
  • Overarching goals: 1) build stronger tailored country capacities for surveillance/response, prevention/control, and preparedness; 2) develop more optimal tools to prevent, detect, control, treat influenza (e.g., more effective vaccines, antivirals, treatments).

Why this matters

  • Support integrated influenza surveillance efforts through regular case reporting, information sharing.
  • Communicate influenza risk, complications, address vaccine misconceptions and hesitancy to encourage vaccination uptake.
  • Implement appropriate use of antiviral agents.


  • Strategy is billed as “most comprehensive and far-reaching” ever developed for influenza.
  • WHO aims to achieve high-level outcomes by 2030.
  • Strategy is divided into 4 primary objectives and 10 priorities. Objectives include:
    • Promote research/innovation to address unmet public health needs (improved, novel diagnostics/vaccines, treatments, prevention control, and research).
    • Strengthen global surveillance, monitoring, data utilization (expand virological/disease surveillance, enhance communication across sectors).
    • Expand seasonal prevention/control policies and programs, especially with regard to most vulnerable populations (including integration of nonpharmaceutical interventions, reduction of transmission/disease severity/morbidity/mortality).
    • Strengthen pandemic preparedness and response, nationally, regionally, and globally.
  • Consult guidance for specifics.

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