Do hypertensive disorders of pregnancy influence cardiometabolic health of offspring?

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  • Retinal microvasculature and cardiac structure abnormalities were observed in adult offspring of women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP).

Why this matters

  • Very little is known about cardiometabolic health among adult offspring of women with HDP.
  • A previous study indicated a 2.5-fold higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in offspring born after a hypertensive pregnancy.

Study design

  • Observational study evaluating cardiovascular risk in 1006 adult individuals (offspring of women without HDP, n=877; offspring of women with HDP, n=129).
  • Participants were assessed for changes in retinal microvasculature and cardiac structure.
  • Funding: Academy of Finland and others.

Key results

  • Offspring of women with HDP showed significantly higher systolic BP (β, 4.68; P<.001), BMI (β, 1.25; P=.009) and waist circumference (β, 0.25; P=.042) vs offspring of women without HDP.
  • In offspring of women with HDP, retinal arteriolar diameters were narrower (β, −0.43; P=.009) and longer (β, 32.5; P=.023), and the arteriolar length-to-diameter ratio was higher (β, 2.32; P=.006).
  • After adjustment in offspring of women with HDP, left atrial volume indexed to body surface area (β, 1.34; P=.040) and peak A wave (β, 2.56; P=.016) were higher and ratio of early diastolic mitral annulus velocity to mitral annulus velocity associated with atrial contraction (β, −0.06; P=.005) was lower.


  • Observational study design.