HDL dynamics may be an important factor in cholesterol efflux capacity

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The ability of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) to remodel, as measured by HDL-apoA-I exchange (HAE), is a significant contributor to serum HDL efflux capacity, indicating that HDL dynamics is an important factor in cholesterol efflux capacity and likely reverse cholesterol transport (RCT)

  • Study to investigate relationship between HAE and serum HDL cholesterol efflux capacity
  • HAE was compared to the total and ABCA1-specific cholesterol efflux capacity of 77 subjects
  • HAE was highly correlated with both total (r = 0.69, P < 0.0001) and ABCA1-specific (r = 0.47, P < 0.0001) efflux
  • This relationship remained significant after adjustment for HDL-C or apoA-I
  • Multivariate models of sterol efflux capacity indicated that HAE accounted for approximately 25% of the model variance for both total and ABCA1-specific efflux