Issues of perinatal loss and subsequent pregnancy addressed through specialized clinic

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  • Women find support during pregnancy after perinatal loss from a specialty clinic, the Pregnancy After Loss Clinic (PALC).

Why this matters

  • Pregnancy after loss is associated with increased anxiety, vigilance, and bonding issues.

Key results

  • Themes identified: overall experience, unique experience of pregnancy after perinatal loss, support from PALC, experiences of other services, recommendations for improvement, need for alternative services, advice mother to mother.
  • Overall, women felt positive about their PALC experience.
  • Women had anxiety, mixed emotions, anger, a reluctance to embrace the pregnancy, and guilt over pregnancy.
  • Women often expressed feeling compassion for other women who also experienced fetal loss.
  • Women felt a lack of support from family alone.
  • Women had positive feelings about seeing provide...